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Huangshan Maofeng tea is a green tea produced in south eastern interior Anhui province of China. The tea is one of the most famous teas in China and can almost always be found on the China Famous Tea list. The tea is grown near Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), which is home to many famous varieties of Green Tea. Huangshan Mao Feng Tea's English translation is "Yellow Mountain Fur Peak" due to the small white hairs which cover the leaves and the shape of the processed leaves which resemble the peak of a mountain. The best teas are picked in the early Spring before China's Qingming Festival. When picking the tea, only the new tea buds and the leaf next to the bud are picked. It is said by local tea farmers that the leaves resemble orchid buds. The slender green leaves produce a pale liquor with a faint floral aroma, and the clean taste is grassy and vegetal, with lightly sweet and fruity notes and minimal astringency. This is a highly regarded tea that can almost always be found on most of the lists for famous teas of China. This Mao Feng is characteristically light, with sweet vegetal notes and a particularly smooth taste. Grown at an elevation of over 800m. Huang Shan Mao Feng green tea was hand picked using only carefully selected young leaves. The finished dry leaves are mostly whole, exhibiting a bud plus one or two young leaves. The appearance of them is very straight and pointed, the result of the skilful processing. Utilising the buds and the smallest of the leaves results in a particularly delicate tea. The long green leaves of Huang Shan Mao Feng tea produce a pale liquor with a light floral aroma. A brilliantly clean and refreshing tea, it is also smooth and balanced. It is mild with no astringency and it has a light, mouth-watering aftertaste. The profile is vegetal and a little grassy, with a savoury undercurrent. The taste further develops with sweeter notes and light flavours of fruits, such as apricots and peaches.

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