Yun Wu Green Tea Cloud And Mist

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85 °C

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Yun Wu an affordable machine roasted whole leaf green tea produced in many regions in China. This same tea (and many others) has been seen marketed in any famous green tea name: Huangshan Maofeng, Biluo Chun, etc. Yun Wu translates as Clouds & Mists, a Chinese expression that describes the two kinds of condensation that happen so very often together in mountainous areas with higher humidity - an ideal for finer tea farming. Although not as round as most finer green teas, it has a good floral undertone in its warm, cereal to almost cookie aroma, a tasty liquor in respectable smoothness. Yun Wu is made from fully matured whole leaves that brew both bodied and smooth, robust but not heavy. An excellent, inexpensive green tea for every-day drinking. It is a long curly leaf. Its flavor is grassy and vegetal. Great green tea for those wanting its antioxidant richness. Long wiry stylish leaf starts with a pleasant astringent note and finishes with hints of peach. It has a dark green, small, fresh leaf which brews a green liquor that with very high fragrance tasty.  This tea's dark, leaves emit sweet aromas of purple grapes, red apples and red plums. The pale lemon yellow infusion smells nutty and buttery, whispering of the creamy mouthfeel yet to come. The strikingly smooth flavor contains no astringency whatsoever. It is light and sweet and enigmatic, like walking through the mists of an ancient tea forest high on a Chinese mountaintop. Sweet, fruity notes transform into a soft, gauzy aftertaste of purple grapes and lemon. Brewing Method Drop approximately 1 teaspoon of tea leaves into the water. Use 1.5 teaspoons if you are brewing your tea in an 8oz glass. Tilt the glass and turn it gently, letting all the leaves get wet and soak in some water. Fill the gaiwan the rest of the way with 80°C (176°F) water, place the lid on the gaiwan and let the tea steep for 1-2 minutes, then enjoy the infusionWhen you get down to about one quarter of the tea remaining, refill the gaiwan with hot water of the same temperature as before and let it steep for 30 seconds to one minute.

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