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Dark Tea
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90 °C

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Puerh Tuo tea looks like a round bread from the surface and a thick-walled bowl from the bottom, with a concave middle, which is quite unique. There are different types of Tuocha depending on the raw materials, such as Green Tea Tuocha and Black Tea Tuocha. Green tea tuocha is made from the more tender sun-dried green tea, made by steaming and pressing; black tea tuocha is made from pu-erh tea, made by steaming and pressing.   Puerh tea is fat, uniform, moist and densely covered with white hairs. There are more varieties of tea. According to Ruan Fu's "Pu-erh Tea" of the Qing Dynasty, "Pu-erh tea" is called "Mao-tip" in February, when the pistil is very fine and white, as a tribute tea; it is picked and steamed, and kneaded into tea cakes, whose leaves are less put and still tender, called bud tea; picked in March and April, called small full tea; picked in June and July, called grain flower tea; big and round, called tight group tea; small and round, called daughter tea. Historically, Yunnan Tuo tea is mainly divided into two categories: one is the raw tuo directly steamed and pressed with sun-blue maocha, which has the characteristics of dark and moist, clear soup color, rich and clear aroma, mellow and sweet, and is mainly sold to all parts of China. The other type is the ripe tuo made of artificially fermented Pu-erh loose tea, which is brownish red in color, red in soup, warm and sweet in taste, and mellow in flavor, and is mainly exported to Western Europe, North America and other parts of Asia. The common characteristics of both types of tuocha are: firm and square in shape, good color, aroma and taste after brewing, and long-lasting and durable.Puerh tea | Yunnan | After fermentation | Spring, Summer and Autumn

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