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Eight hundred years ago, Qu Hao green tea was the most revered green tea. The Song Dynasty's emperor, Song Ren Zhong, enjoyed the tea very much. Emperor Song Ren Zhong was known as one of the most prominent tea connoisseurs of his time. The name Qu Hao means ‘curved hairy tips’ and comes from the particularly narrow, rich green leaves that look like tiny hooks. Tea harvested in early spring before the Qingming festival (15th day after the spring equinox), is sought after for its delicate and refined notes. This luxuriously rich organic green tea from high mountains steeps ethereal notes of artichokes and asparagus with hints of roasted corn. This delicate, rare loose leaf tea is rich in health-enhancing theanine and offers a clean, light liquor with the most refreshingly delicate and soothing flavor. A beautiful pale green cup with again a lot of umami, notes of sweet boiled corn, peas, sweet clean finish, very pleasing. Fu Yun Qu Hao, mainly produced in Fuan, Fujian Province, is a kind of curly-shaped semi-roasted green tea created by the Tea Research Institute of Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 1991. It is a new product of curly-shaped special green tea created by the Tea Research Institute of Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences after 1991, mainly produced in Fuan, Fujian Province. The quality characteristics of Fuyun Qiuhao are as follows: tight and curly shape, hairs showing, clear yellow-green soup color, rich aroma, chestnut fragrance, fresh and sweet taste, tender yellow and bright leaf bottom. It is picked around the spring equinox from the buds and leaves of Fuyun No. 7 asexual breed, and is made by killing, twisting, hair fire, shaping (rolling and frying or cloth wrapping and kneading), spreading and cooling, and foot fire.Green tea  |  Fujian  |  Non fermentation   |  Spring and SummerQu Hao is a rare tea: the high quality leaves are picked only once a year, between the end of March and early April. The tea is hand dried by pressing it against the sides of a hot wok. This is one of China’s most highly regarded teas, and only available in limited quantities. It is from the Wuyi Mountains and is processed green all year. Once a year it is processed black. This is a MUST try tea! It has no bitterness. Multiple tips with a delicate, elegantly twisted leaf, the aroma is exquisitely fresh and mild, grown in cloudy, moist conditions.

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