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85 °C

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This is a two leaves and a bud green tea, and the leaves are rolled into the characteristic snail-shap, it has a mellow yet slightly astringent flavour with clear tones of newly picked sour apples. The tiny curled leaves provide a potent, thick vegetal brew, drinkers looking for a clean, energetic green will really enjoy this take one of China's most famous green teas. Another distinguishing factor in Green Snailtea is how it is formed, after the Kill Greenstep, green tea is usually formed into shapes which allow it to be stored without damaging the leaves.In the case of Green Snailthe tea is formed into a sort of double coil. First the leaf is rolled vertically, then it is rolled horizontally. The shape is said to resemble a snail which has been cooked and pulled out of its shell. While this tea may not be real Bi Luo Chunfrom Jiangsu, it is a very solid green tea. Green spiral the folwing large leaf tea raw material for , arbitraging tender shoots , high temperatures , betimes de enzyming rolling , forming , quick drying technology , control enzyme and multi ligninolytic enzymes oxidation , prevent shoots fermentation , keep the tea primaries , color , cord curls , sweet aftertaste , after long aftertaste characteristics , have the antifebrin and salivation , throat moistening antidipsetic role , midsummer suitable for drinking. For this tea we suggest trying the Gong Fu-style of brewing. The idea behind it is to use a high tea leaf to water ratio and very short infusions. By using more tea leaves and very short infusions, we extract only parts of the full flavor spectrum. This means that this way of brewing lets you taste the tea in sections, which makes for a much more nuanced experience. because the flavor unfolds gradually and since a lot of leaf is used, those flavors are also significantly more intense than in western-style brewing.Green tea | Zhejiang | Nonfermentation | Spring and Summer

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