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This tea is produced from a large leaf varietal, found in Yunnan province in China, the leaves are rolled into spiral shapes, reminiscent of snails. The deep dark amber-colored tea liquor has a spicy aroma with hints of cocoa. The flavor is smooth and rich with a sweet caramel-y nuance along with notes of spice and cocoa. For its beautiful leaf and depth of flavor, this tea is an amazing value. Tightly curled leaves steep up dark, full-bodied, and without any rustic edges. It has tobacco sweetness with a spicy clove-like character that likes to hang around. Dianhong black tea Yunnan spiral tea is one of the main tea-growing regions of China, is a top grade Golden Black Tea. Not all tea plant varietals have the characteristic to transition into the gold colour during leaf processing. Tightly curled leaf with a number of golden tips representing some of the smoothest black teas from Yunnan province. Golden-coloured leaves generally provide a more honey-like taste to the brew. The liquor will have a dark honey like colour and gives a full-bodied malty tea with notes of cocoa and sweet potatoes. A very rare classic Yunnan black tea. This selection is handcrafted from a bold-leaf Yunnan varietal. The dry leaves are tightly rolled into a spiral snail shape, dark in color, with golden tip accents. The smooth cup is rich and full-bodied with notes of bittersweet cocoa and carob, as well as the classic Yunnan spice hints. Named for the twisted shape of the finished leaves - fancifully reminiscent of snail shells, this is a lighter, sweet black tea with hints of roses and plums  - perfect for afternoon tea times.  The red-amber liquor is rich and oh so smooth. Pronounced notes of cocoa are embraced by a dark honey sweetness that lingers into the lightly spicy finish. This tea would make a terrific iced latte with a little milk and sweetener, a great refresher for the hot summer days to come. Black tea | Yunnan | Complete fermentation | Spring and Summer

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