China Special Green Tea Yulu Jade Dew

Green Tea
Water volume:
85 °C

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Yulu is very strict with sampling requirements. Buds and leaves need to be slender, tight, smooth, bright, uniform and straight, like the pine needle. Only by this way, the tea has the best features which are previously mentioned. Its lines are tight, slender, smooth and straight. White tips exposure. Color is bright green. Shape is like a pine needle. After the flush, it shows fresh scent and dense flavor. Composed of precious unripe buds and the youngest apical leaves, yulu is one of the most delicate green teas, as fresh as morning dew after the first spring rain. The shape of the leaves is reminiscent of pine needles, and they are covered with very fine silvery fur, rich in amino acids from which the refreshing umami flavor derives, with balsamic notes of musk, mint, and fern. The infusion is of a light and bright green, and a sweet aroma emanates from the cup, with subtle notes of fennel. It was made by steaming, cooling down, hand-kneading the leaf into a pristine pine needle shape and then gently drying on heated tables until the shape and aroma is fixed. The result is a vibrant, full-bodied and fresh character with plenty of umami characteristic of spring green tea. Brewing Method Warm up the tea pot with the boiling water, put 6-8 grams of tea, and pour small amount of the boiling water (85°C / 185°F) into the tea and pour out, then cover tea pot for 1-2 minutes for first serving, the tea must totally separate after time out, next infusion can be add extra 1 min on each, only up till 2 to 3 infusions.Yulu Tea is one of China Ten Top Teas which is a kind of rarely traditional steamed green tea, it produced from the fresh thick green tea leaves with one bud and the first leaf or one bud and the first two leaves. its criterion of choosing tea buds and leaves is very strict, buds should be slim, tender and shapely. The tea is produced by the dark green one bud one leaf or one bud two leaves which are heated by the steam.

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